Thank you for your interest in joining our group!

In short, each year we usually accept 
  * 1-2 PhD students (e.g., CSE, CS, ML)
  * 0-2 master students
  * 0-3 undergraduate students
  * 0-1 postdocs
  * no summer interns


For INCOMING PHD students, looking for ADVISOR:
    We ONLY consider people who have been admitted
       * to the PHD programs of CSE, CS, or ML

To applicants for PHD ADMISSION:
    SHORT version: there is little I can do.
    LONG version: 
        The decisions are made by the admission committee, 
        after input from faculty. Thus, faculty like me, can not give you
        any guarantee - only hints to maximize your chances for acceptance - see below.

        My best advice is for you to try to obtain a recommendation letter that compares you favorably to an earlier 
        Georgia Tech graduate student, or equivalent (CMU, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, UIUC, Cornell, UW, etc).  
	Points of reference:
	* Minsuk Kahng
	* Shang-Tse Chen
	* Fred Hohman
	* Acar Tamersoy
	* Robert Pienta
    * Scott Freitas

To applicants for SUMMER INTERNSHIP:
    Unfortunately, we have no such positions.
    (Too little face-to-face time, to make it worthwhile for you 
    to go through all the trouble of relocation, visa  etc.)

To incoming MASTER students, looking for research ADVISOR:
    We ONLY consider people who have already been admitted
       * to the Master programs of CSE, CS, ML, Analytics, and programs that College of Computing participates in
    Master program admission is considered at the program level, thus your admission to Georgia Tech is
    determined at by the program.

To applicants for POSTDOC POSITION:
    Possible, if ALL these conditions hold:
        (a) you have secured independent funding covering all expenses
        (b) your ex-advisor is willing to compare you favorably 
            to an earlier Georgia Tech (or equivalent) graduate
        (c) there is enough overlap among our *current* research interests
	    (human-centered AI, visualization, graphs, AI security, etc)


Polo Chau